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UN 2204

Grade Impurities
(Liquid phase)
99.8% (N2.8)
(Vol. PPM)
Carbonyl Sulphide is a colouless, flammable, toxic gas, having an unpleasant odour. It is shipped as a liquefied gas under it's own vapour pressure. Oxygen & Nitrogen < 100
Moisture < 50
Carbon Disulphide < 100
Carbon Dioxide < 850
Hydrogen Sulphide < 300

Cylinder Size Volume (Kg)   Cylinder Data
B1al 0.4  

Supplied as a liquefied gas under its own vapour pressure in steel or aluminium cylinders.

Standard sizes / Volumes as listed -
Larger volumes are available on request.

B5al 2  
B10st 4  

PROTON GAS can supply any internationally recognised valve type. For Carbonyl Sulphide the standard international valve types are as follows
American CGA 330
British BS 341 - 15
European DIN 477 - 5

Gas Data
Mol. Weight 60.070
Boiling Point -50.2°C
Density 2.5 kg/cm3
Vapour Pressure 12.05 bar

Recommended Regulator

Two stage brass or stainless steel body with stainless steel internals.

PROTON GAS has a variety of suitable handling equipment for this product - please enquire.

Typical Applications

Carbonyl sulphide is particularly useful in the synthesis of thioacids S-trisubstituted carbinols, substituted thiazoles and substituted thocarbamic acids (salts). High yields are obtianed in the synthesis of substituted thiazoles.

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