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Nitrogen purging and helium leak test are used as the cornerstone services of shutdown, commissioning and start-up of onshore and offshore process plants throughout the world. Nitrogen purging is the replacement of an atmosphere of undesired composition in an enclosed vessel with another atmosphere of preferred composition. The atmosphere preferred is typically an inert gas, such as nitrogen.

Nitrogen purging by Proton is typically useful to prevent fire or explosions where flammable or explosive materials are present. Purging is also required to avoid unwanted reactions between materials being handled and the atmosphere.

We offer Helium Leak Test using the latest Mass Spectrometer and ‘Hand Held’ leak detection devices and offer a range of solutions capable of improvement on traditional testing philosophies. Proton Gases delivers N2 solutions with quality at the core of every operation.

Nitrogen Purging Services
Recertification of Gases
Hydro Testing of Cylinders