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Basically hydraulic cylinder tests assess a cylinder for flaws or leaks. This is important because cylinders can explode if these cannot contain the compressed gas. Essentially cylinders are made of a material that has a flexibility of expansion and contraction during pressurization.

For various reasons this flexibility of expansion and contraction begins to deteriorate over a period of time. Similarly, on account of other conditions such as filling, handling, transportation and shop floor conditions, there are chances of weight reduction over a period of time. It may also develop certain other defects normally rendering a cylinder unsafe for use.

Globally such cylinders are required to be periodically tested for visual damages, weight loss and loss of elasticity. In view of the dimension of damages, which can be caused to a dilapidate cylinder, being known, most of the gas industries and users world wide are required to test cylinders periodically.

Proton offers dual services in the field of testing of cylinders in accordance with the gas cylinder rules laid down by explosives department.

Nitrogen Purging Services
Recertification of Gases
Hydro Testing of Cylinders