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The traceability of a mixture is the auditable route by which standard can be compared back to an International absolute standard. Proton has the ability to provide complete information about every step involved in or relevant to arriving at measurement result, by documented records by the way of administrative traceability. Also we have the access and ability to prove the validity of individual measurement results by complete reduction, for example property values realized by measurement standards or reference materials or to accepted values of physical constants which we call definitive traceability. In short administrative traceability takes care of documentation and definitive traceability take care of accuracy.


Stability of a standard specifies the duration of period within which the mixture composition within the certified values will be consistent. In short it specifies the shelf life of the standard; it depends on the component and its concentration and the material of construction of cylinder. For accurate calibration it's essential to have a stable standard, so that best result can be obtained. Standard must remain stable not only over time but also with the changing pressure range in the cylinder as it is used. Finally standard must remain stable over temperature range that cylinder will be exposed to in normal operation. In certain cases where liquefiable components are included, exposure of the standard to temperature of less than 10 Degree Celsius may affect the concentration.


Flammable Gas Detectors are vital safety devices in plants where hydrocarbons are processed. To ensure these detectors operate effectively, regular calibration on flammable gas/air mixtures is required. Proton provides a full range of calibration standards at upto 50% of the lower explosion limit (LEL).

Some Typical Mixtures

Component Balance Gas Range
Methane Air 2.5%
Methane Air 1.25%
Propane Air 1.1%
Hydrogen Air 2%
N Butane Air 0.75%
N Pentane Air 0.7%
Acetylene Air 1.15%

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